Before registering please review all the terms of our regulations.

Estels del Sud Crossing Regulations

  • The crossing can be made between March and November.
  • The crossing can be started at any of the five organizing lodging establishments and it can be made in both directions of the march. To deem the crossing concluded, it is necessary to spend a night in all five accommodations, half board.
  • To make the crossing, you previously need to register through the Form provided in our website. Registering directly through any one of the lodgings is in no case possible.
  • Registering must take place at least a week before beginning the crossing and will be subject to availability of accommodations.
  • Once the availability of accommodations is confirmed, to close the reservation you ought to make a payment for the full cost of registration (35 € per person) plus a down payment of 15 € per person and accommodation within three days from confirmation.
  • Registration guarantees half board in each stage of the crossing (to be paid in each lodging after discounting the 15€ down payment) and grants you the “morralet”, that will be given to you in your first lodging.
  • The “morralet” includes: a Estels del Sud cap, a Pass Card, a Estels del Sud map published by Piolet and an exclusive Estels del Sud T-shirt at the end of the crossing.
  • The registration form must be shown in each lodging, where the Pass Card will also be stamped. In case of loss of the Pass Card, the crossing will be considered incomplete.
  • If for any reason you cannot set out on the planned date, your registration rights will hold for the following 1 year period (always subject to lodging availability) though the down payment for the accommodations will be lost.
  • Once the crossing has started, if you do not spend the night at the agreed lodging on the booked date, the down payment will be lost.
  • Since some of the lodgings do not admit pets, registrations of excursionists travelling with pets will not be accepted.
  • Minors younger than 12 cannot register for the crossing.
  • The organization will not be held responsible for any accidents that may happen during the crossing. Possession of the FEEC, FEDME or equivalent Federation Cards recognized by the UIAA is compulsory and must be presented in the first lodging of the crossing. In the absence of such cards, the applicants must request a Estels del Sud Accident Insurance that will cover the activity during the specified period of the crossing. The Insurance costs 2,50€ per day.
  • For security reasons, the daily stages of the crossing cannot begin past 09:00 am.

Relevant Information


If you do not have the five days to complete the Estels del Sud crossing, we offer you Estels del Sud Medium, two crossings of three completely different stages





Information and reservations: +34 619 931 278


The “Morralet” was the pouch carried by the shepherds when they went up the Ports and it contained everything they needed for the day.

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