Estels del Sud

3-day crossing, Estels del Sud Mèdium

If you did not have the five days to complete the entire Estels del Sud journey, please take Estels del Sud Medium.

3 day crossing

If you do not have the five days to complete the Estels del Sud crossing, we offer you Estels del Sud Medium, two crossings of three completely different stages:

– a three-day crossing for the North part of the Natural Park between Paüls, Arnes and Refugi de Caro, or

– a three-day crossing for the southern part of the Natural Park between Beseit, Refugi Font Ferrera and Refugi de Caro.

In both cases, they are two of the Estels del Sud stages marked as such, and a third linking that transforms them into a circular route. This link stage is described in the guide and with the track available on the web.


  • The crossing can be made between the months of March to November
  • The journey can be started from any of the accommodations and carried out in both directions of the march, always taking into account their availability.
  • Make us your route proposal, we will process it so that you can do it as you request it. If this is not possible, we will offer you the best option available.
  • The morralet will be delivered to the first accommodation where you spend the night, and will consist of: Pass card, exclusive neck warmer and the Tour Guide
  • If you choose the medium option for the second time, in the second morralet you can choose the Estels del Sud shirt instead of the neck warmer.
  • To end the journey, it is mandatory to spend the night in the 3 accommodations in the MP regime.
  • As the crossings are circular, no combination of vehicles is required. There is public transport that reaches the towns (Arnes, Beseit and Paüls), check schedules at HIFE.
  • In order to carry out the crossing, prior registration is required through the web form, indicating the option Medium north or Medium south. In no case can said registration be made directly in the accommodations.
  • This registration must be done at least one week before starting the journey and will be subject to the availability of the accommodations
  • Once the availability of the accommodation is confirmed, to formalize the reservation it is necessary to make a deposit, within three days, of the entire registration fee (€ 28 / person) plus the payment and a deposit of € 15 / person / accommodation .
  • This registration ensures the Half Board in each stage (which will be paid in each accommodation with the discount of € 15 of the down payment) and entitles the “morralet” that will be delivered to the first accommodation where you spend the night.
  • The registration form must be presented at each accommodation and the pass card will be stamped. In case of loss of the Pass Card, the journey will be considered not completed.
  • If for any reason it is impossible to start the journey on the scheduled dates, the registration rights will be maintained for 6 months (provided that the availability of the accommodations allows it, but the payment and deposit of said accommodations will be lost.
  • Once the journey has started and if you do not spend the night in the accommodation stipulated on the date of the reservation, the deposit will be lost.
  • Since there are accommodations where pets are not allowed, no registration of people who are accompanied by this type of animals will be accepted.
  • Children under 12 years old will not be able to register for the crossing.
  • For security reasons, the daily stages cannot be started later than 9 a.m.
  • The organization is not responsible for possible accidents during the journey, it is mandatory to have a valid FEEC, FEDME or similar mountain card recognized by the UIAA, otherwise we provide you with insurance for the days of the journey. Price: € 2.50 / day.
  • Send us the completed registration form and we will respond as soon as possible.

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