Font Ferrera Refuge

The Font Ferrera Refuge, a structure that has been functioning as a guarded refuge since 1990, is at the far Southwest of The Ports Massif, the southernmost mountain range of Catalonia, and very near the Tossal d’ En Cervera (1,346 mt). Accessible by trail from the small town of Fredes, where the GR7 and GR8 routes meet, it is part of Southern Stars, the crossing that covers the entire Ports Massif, one of the most beautiful and surprising mountains of the country. The refuge offers several alternatives for practicing hiking with the family.

Capacity: 40 persons

Altitude: 1,157 mt.

Nearest town: Fredes


Prices for Adults
  • AD FEEC: 17,00€.
  • MP FEEC: 32,00€.
  • MP+Picnic FEEC: 40,00€.
  • Lunch: 18,00€
  • AD for FEEC members: 22,00€.
  • MP for FEEC members: 36,00€.
  • MP + Picnic for FEEC members: 44,00€.
  • AD other users: 28,00€.
  • MP other users: 42,00€.
  • MP + Picnic other users: 49,00€.