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Estels del Sud

Enjoy five days of authentic hiking in the Tortosa-Beceite Nature Reserve, surrounded by a wild nature and wonderful scenery.


The Estels del Sud lodgings are perfectly conditioned so you can rest comfortably at the end of each stage.


Check all the technical data and indications of every stage.

The crossing of the mountain massif of Tortosa-Beceite Ports.

Enjoy five days of authentic hiking in the Tortosa-Beceite Nature Reserve, surrounded by a wild nature and wonderful scenery.

What is Estels del Sud

Estels del Sud offers you the possibility of making a five days mountain crossing through the Ports massif. You will spend every night in one of its five accommodations and during the day, following the route, you will enjoy one of the most wild and unknown natural environments of this country.

Where to stay

The Southern Stars accommodations will make you enjoy a comfortable stay, they will give you the best advise and information about the crossing, because they are the ones who devised it and also they are responsible for maintenance and signage. Everything so that hikers can enjoy these mountains we love so much.


Estels del Sud is a circular crossing, therefore you can start and finish the route at any of the five accommodations. You can also make the route in both directions of the march.

Take advantage of these options!

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Take into account that while the mobility restrictions decreed by the Administration due to the Coronavirus pandemic last, and taking into account that the journey takes place in two different autonomous communities and in various Catalan regions, these restrictions must be taken into account before formalize a reservation and should not process a reservation while such restrictions exist.

In addition, offer you

3 day crossing

If you do not have the five days to complete the Estels del Sud crossing, we offer you Estels del Sud Mèdium, two crossings of three completely different stages.

Luggage Transfer

If you want to make the journey without carrying weight on your back, we can provide you the luggage transfer. So that, you can walk more rested and you just only have to enjoy the landscape.

How does Estels del Sud work?

If you want to know how the Estels del Sud crossing works, check our “Rules” section. There you have all the things you want to know about Estels del Sud

Guided Tour

If you want to make the journey accompanied by a Mountain Guide duly accredited, ask us for information and we´ll put you in touch with the Guides or Guides Company.
Morralet Estels del Sud


The “Morralet” was the pouch carried by the shepherds when they went up the Ports and it contained everything they needed for the day.


This is the hiking Guide where you´ll find the five stages crossing described in both directions, with the extra add of being able to ascend a peak at each stage. You can also find alternatives to make 2, 3 or 5 days journeys.