Caro Refuge

45You are invited to get to know the (New) Caro Refuge, 21 km from the town of Tortosa, alt. 1,110 mt above sea level, under the Mont Caro (1,141 mt), the highest mountain peak of the Tarragona Province and within the Els Ports Nature Reserve. It is the ideal place to take up hiking with various levels of difficulty to choose from, though apt for the whole family. The Refuge is amidst very beautiful and enchanting natural settings. Late in the evening, lit by the moon and the starry skies, the entourage of an unforgettable day will await you while enjoying the sounds and feelings of the valley at night and sharing a wonderful dinner at the end of the day.

Maria and Mario, the guide and guard of the Refuge, will welcome you and wish you a happy stay!


  • MP members: 42 €
  • MP basic: 45 €
  • Picnic: 8 €
  • NOTE: From Sunday to Thursday, check prices out of season

Tourism tax included. Prices are per person.